Domestic dogs are descendants of wild wolves. The digestive system of a domestic dog is much the same as their ancestors, yet many people are feeding them as though they're related to a herbivore. We say: no more feeding my dog like a cow! The wild way meals are a variety of meat, organs, fruit, vegetables and raw meaty bones. Feeding the wild way - that's the secret to a healthy dog!

Every one of our recipes is rich with a varied mixture of kangaroo mince, crushed turkey necks, green tripe, crushed chicken necks and wings, lamb mince, goat meat, heart meats, seasonal fruit and vegetables, organ mince, fresh fish, eggs, kelp and cod liver oil.

If your dog has any specific requirements, try out our Perfect Patties. They'll be perfect for your dog.

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the benefits of natural raw nutrition

  • Stronger immune system

which gives your dog higher resilience to parasites, and fewer trips to the vet!

  • Shinier coat and healthier skin

he won’t have that ”doggy smell” so much and bathing will need to be less often (which will then promote even better skin health)

  • Improved digestive and urinary function

which means smaller, less smelly stools

  • Healthier teeth and gums

teeth and gum disease is the number one cause of bad breath and has been linked to heart disease

  • Reduced body fat and increased muscle tone

for a happier, more energetic dog

The wild way poster-boy Loki suffered from severe skin problems. This was the last hot-spot he ever had!

 Day 1 on Raw food

Day 1 on Raw food

 Day 14 on Raw food

Day 14 on Raw food

 Day 45 on Raw food!

Day 45 on Raw food!