We know how busy life gets and what it's like to work all day then have to provide a meal for the family, on top of all the other chores! It's hard enough finding healthy & quick meals for ourselves, let alone our dogs!

That's why we make perfect patties. We just need a little bit of information about your dog & we'll whip up a delicious meal perfect for them - perfectly portioned, delivered fortnightly. Defrost one meal at a time & serve. It's that simple!

Each Perfect Patties box contains:

7 x portioned meals

(Recipe is the complete variety or hypo-allergenic if required +/- any changes you want to make)

5 x raw meaty bones

Based on the size of your dog


to your door fortnightly


Perfect Patties aren't much more than our standard sizes, but are so much easier! Every dog will eat different amounts, so please contact us for an exact perfect patties quote.

Prices will be calculated on the weekly weight required. An adult dog eats 2% - 3% of his body weight everyday. Here is a guide on the per kilo rate of our perfect patties.

Adult dogs up to 14kg

$ 17/kg

+ Raw Meaty Bones & Delivery

Adult dogs over 14kg


+ Raw Meaty Bones & Delivery