I have two passions in life aside from my family - cooking and my dogs, Roxy & Loki.

So when Loki began to suffer from hot-spots and itchy, smelly skin, I worried about what to do to help him, while wanting to avoid traditional chemical treatments.

A friend pointed me in the direction of raw foods and I began experimenting with all kinds of recipes to find one which both dogs liked and which were non-allergenic.

It was a process of trial and error to find a recipe that suited my dogs and me but within a week I noticed improvements in Loki's energy levels and within a few months his hot-spots were totally gone and his skin was clear and soft.

So, The Wild Way pet cuisine was born! I have helped many pets find relief from skin issues and many more that are thriving on healthy raw diets. Read more to find out the benefits of changing to a raw diets. I look forward to welcoming your dogs to The Wild Way family!