Our hypo-allergenic recipe is the result of a lot of trial and change. These ingredients are the ones we've found to be least reactive to extra sensitive bodies. 80% of the total mix is meat and organs to provide the best nutrition and the fastest healing time. 

Wild kangaroo mince, Turkey necks, Organic Goat & Lamb kidney and liver, Seasonal fruit & vegetables (Pumpkin, Broccoli, Carrot, Spinach, Celery, Apple, Banana), Kelp & Cod liver oil.

If there is something in this mix that doesn't suit your dog, try our Perfect Patties - they're perfect for fussy dogs and make dinner time super easy!

10 x 100g Patties

1kg Box


8 x 250g Patties

2kg Box


6 x 500g Patties

3kg Box



We recommend also serving a variety of raw meaty bones throughout the week with our hypo allergenic meals. Bones are available in three different sizes & will always be Turkey, Kangaroo or Organic Lamb.

5 x Small Dog Bones $4

with any meal order

5 x Medium Dog Bones $5

with any meal order

5 x Large Dog Bones $6

with any meal order